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Many outdoor enthusiasts are concerned about the water column of rain jackets. But what is actually behind the term? And how do you know when you need clothing and other outdoor equipment with a water column of 10000 or more?

We bring light into the darkness and show you what you should look out for. So you stay dry in any weather!

What is the water column for rain jackets?

The question "What does the water column actually mean?" ask yourself

  • hikers,
  • Cyclists
  • and other outdoor friends.

Simplified, you can say that these about the Waterproofness of your jacket decides. The higher the water column of clothing and tents is, the better the material protects from moisture.

Even if this information is perhaps already enough for you, it is still worth taking a closer look. look at this special unit of measurement. It makes a mighty difference if you know the following facts:

What is the water column in clothing?

How is the water column measured for rain jackets and tents?

The water column for rain jackets and tents becomes through different water pressure measured. There are different standards for this. The test principle, however, is similar. The outside of the material is exposed to water.

  1. At the beginning, no pressure is applied.
  2. This is only gradually increased until the first three drops of water pass through the membrane onto the inside of the rain jacket or tent.
  3. Depending on the test method, the focus of the test is on the time or the pressure applied.
  4. This results in the load limit of the water permeability.

The following rule of thumb applies:

0.1 bar (pressure) = 1000 mm water column

0.2 bar (pressure) = 2000 mm water column


Example: Is a rain jacket with water column 5000 waterproof?

Even though manufacturers may call textiles waterproof with a water column of 5000, this is only conditionally the case. With a light drizzle you stay for short time dry.

But if you get into a real shower or are exposed to the rain over a longer period of time, a Rain jacket with water column 5000 the not withstand

First, you'll feel it getting damp on your arms inside the jacket. Then, as it progresses, rain seeps into the rest of the inner material. A Water column of 10000 is much more suitable. It keeps you even b.

In Autumn and winter however this is not sufficient. Even in the other seasons, you should therefore rather rely on a water column of 20000 mm. It is guaranteed to keep you dry in any rain.

Our 20000 Rain jacket also has a Water vapor permeability of 10000 mm. Thus, you do not sweat despite excellent water column.

Are waterproof rain jackets breathable?

Waterproof rain jackets are Breathable to a limited extent. As the water column increases, the breathability also decreases. The higher the water column of your clothing, the more difficult it is for moisture to penetrate and escape.

Unless the manufacturers rely on a high-quality PU membrane withBIONIC-FINISH®ECO impregnation - as we use for ALPIN LOACKER. Therefore, we can guarantee you even at a 20000 water column a rain jacket with the best breathability. 

Which purchase criteria play a role besides the water column?

Besides the water column of a rain jacket still play other criteria play a rolethat you should not lose sight of. Finally, good functional textiles are characterized by a variety of components. These are:

Processing: The processing plays a decisive role for the wearing feeling. This also determines the life of your rain jacket.

ZipperThe highest water column of a rain jacket is of no use if the zippers are not sealed accordingly. Make sure here also absolutely on a two-way front zipper.

Pockets: In heavy precipitation, not only the water column of your jacket is crucial. To protect your smartphone, handkerchiefs and other equipment from moisture, the rain jacket should definitely be equipped with an inner pocket.

The jacket pockets on rain jackets should be tight

Hood: If you've decided on a waterproof water column, be sure to pay attention to the size of the hood. Some manufacturers cut this so small that your hairline is not covered. In our rain jacket, by the way, even a helmet fits inside.

Breathable: The material of your clothing and the membrane or coating not only prevent the penetration of moisture. They also determine the breathability.

We recommend a PU membrane withBIONIC-FINISH®ECO impregnation. This gives the rain jacket not only an excellent water column and breathability, but is also free of harmful substances and chemicals. That's good for you & the environment.

Rain jacket ventilation & breathable through material and zippers


The water column plays a crucial role in rain jackets. Even if a 3000 mm water column can already be called waterproof, you should choose at least a water column of 1000 mm. To enjoy perfect protection all year round in any weather, we recommend a 20000 mm water column for your jacket.

Expert Tip: With the models from ALPIN LOACKER you are always on the safe side. Our rain jackets are characterized by a high water column with maximum breathability.


Are waterproof rain jackets breathable?

Waterproof rain jackets are breathable to a certain extent. However, the higher the water column, the lower the breathability usually is. Moisture can penetrate and escape more poorly.

However, a high-quality PU membrane with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO impregnation can ensure good breathability, even with a high water column such as 20000 mm.

What is the water column for rain jackets?

The water column is a unit of measurement that indicates the waterproofness of a rain jacket. It indicates how high the water pressure can be before the material becomes permeable. The higher the water column, the better the jacket protects against wetness.

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