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For many outdoor friends, a down sleeping bag is the epitome of cosiness. No wonder. Finally ours offers ultra -light down sleeping bag and our3 seasons sleeping bag (Down Pro 3 Season) A maximum of comfort. But what about the sheep bag cleaning? What is there to consider when washing? We track down these questions in the following blog post.

How do I prepare my sleeping bag for washing?

Sometimes every sleeping bag needs a laundry. But as with many things in life, the guiding principle also applies here: less is more. If you want to refresh your outdoor sleeping place, you should Before the laundry, consider a lot. Go to this The following checklist Conscientiously through to extend the lifespan of your sleeping bag:

  1. Can you Recognize damage? In holes and cracks, leave your sleeping bag through our in -house ALPIN LOACKER Bring repair service into shape.

  2. Close all the closures conscientiously. (Except lacing, these should remain open.)

  3. Turn yours Sleeping bag on the left, so the inner part points to the outside. In this way, the water can also penetrate inside without being stopped by the membrane.

    This protects you from wet in the wild. When washing, however, we also need the water in the inner core. This is the only way to do everything nice and clean.

Down sleeping bag: warm & cozy

How do I wash my sleeping bag best?

Even if the most curious rumors are circulating on the right laundry, you should have yours Sleeping bag if possible not in the washing machine wash.

This applies primarily to models with Downfilling. This lump in the machine and make your down sleeping bag look old in the truest sense of the word.

Expert tip: The good news for all synthetic fiber fans - these models can also be cleaned in the washing machine.

Wash down the down sleeping bag

As you know, has one Down sleeping bag NATE OF THE WASE. If you want to clean your equipment, we recommend the Hand washing. And that's how it works:

1. Fill the bathtub or a large washing bowl with a hand -warm water.

2. Add some fine detergents or special detergents for functional textiles.

3. Put your down sleeping bag in the tub and dive into it.

4. Massage the washing water gently and leave it up to 60 minutes.

5. Rinse your down sleeping bag under running water.

6. Then carefully express it. Avoid wring and Co. so as not to damage your down sleeping bag.

7. Put it out to dry. When the weather is good, you can spread your sleeping bag outside in the shade (!) On a clothes stand.

Wash the synthetic fiber sleeping bag

You can also clean your synthetic fiber sleeping bag as described above by hand washing.

The Sleeping bag cleaning However, is also possible in the washing machine:

Step 1:

Put your (!) Art fiber sleeping bag in the washing machine without further laundry.

Down sleep bag washing step 1

Step 2:

Put four tennis balls in the drum.

Down sleeping bag washing step 2

Step 3:

Filling fine detergent or outdoor detergent in the corresponding dosing compartment. Please do without fabric softener. Your sleeping bag doesn't like this at all.

Down sleeping bag washing step 3

Step 4:

Unless otherwise stated (see label), wash the synthetic fiber sleeping bag at 30 degrees in the good or fine wash program.

Down sleeping bag washing step 4

Step 5:

Then select the rinsing program again to carefully remove all detergent residues.

Down sleeping bag wash step 5

How often do I have to wash my sleeping bag? 

In order not to strain your sleeping bag excessively, you should wash it as rarely as possible. Because with every laundry, material and building power suffer.

Expert tip: Only after at least 50 uses does a sleeping bag belong in the laundry.

Around Avoid odor formation, should you neat your outdoor sleeping place after each use ventilate.

Light pollution Incidentally, you can also be used in a well -tried way with one Remove a damp cloth

How do I dry my sleeping bag after washing?

The material of your sleeping bag also plays a crucial role in drying. A Art fiber sleeping bag is not allowed in the dryer. You should spread these models on a laundry stand after washing.

Since a wet sleeping bag adds a lot of weight, it takes Dry in the fresh air Relatively long. Depending on the weather, there can be a few days depending on the weather.

A Down sleeping bag On the other hand, is Suitable dryer. However, he should dry outdoors for a few hours so that as much water as possible can escape.

Then the sleeping bag can and should in the dryer. Here the down can be optimally distributed. However, pay attention possible low temperatureto avoid damage.

How do the sleeping bag models are characterized?

Our popular sleeping bag models are characterized by their low weight with optimal heat output. Especially our ultra -light down sleeping bag is an absolute lightweight with its 490 g.

However, it is Comfort area thereby also higher, - speak at 10–14 ° C. This makes the down sleeping bag perfect for mild summer nights and outdoor friends who quickly get too warm.

OurThree seasons sleeping bag is the ideal companion for the year. The Comfort zone With this sleeping bag lies at 4 °, the limit at 0 °. It is also characterized by its low weight of 900 g compared to other sleeping bags.

  • Both models are light, warm and have a low pack size.
  • The down fillings of both sleeping bags are certified with the RDS (responsible down standard).

Sleeping bag care after washing

Not only after the sleeping bag cleaning, but also after use, required Every model a careful treatment. So we recommend that to you regular ventilation after use.

Around To avoid mold formation, should you your sleeping bag never in the wet Condition stow

For this purpose, a compact pack bag is included in all our models. Here you can keep your sleeping bag cool and dry. It is best to choose a cool but dry place, such as your storage room or your wardrobe.

In the wet basement, your sleeping bag is not in good hands.


Regardless of the model, you should wash your sleeping bag as rarely as possible. If you regularly ventilate it and remove slight pollution by hand, you extend the lifespan of your sleeping bag.

If your equipment has to go into the laundry, we recommend the Hand washing for down sleeping bags. Synthetic fiber models Can you in the washing machine clean. However, also note the care instructions on the label.


Which detergent is suitable for an art fiber sleeping bag?

It is best to use special outdoor or fine detergents for an art fiber sleeping bag.

Do I have to wash a new sleeping bag before the first use?

No. We only use high -quality raw materials and fibers for the production of our outdoor equipment. Therefore, no laundry is necessary before use.

What does a sleeping bag cleaning cost?

Of course you can also have your sleeping bag cleaned professionally. The prices vary between € 40 and 70 €. The higher price falls when you choose the luxury variant. The shell and down are cleaned separately.

It remains interesting - read on right away :)