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For all outdoor adventures, the camping stove belongs to the most important equipment. But how does this useful helper work? Are you looking for a camping stove manual? Then you will find it in the following blog post.

We explain how it works and show you the most important criteria for choosing the right device - fast, uncomplicated and informative!

For whom is a camping stove suitable?

TheCamping gas stove is a light and inexpensive companion for all outdoor enthusiasts who do not want to do without their hot meals and their morning coffee or tea. Whether you

  • are going on a hike or a picnic,
  • spending a camping vacation with the family
  • or you are on the road with your bike.

TheCamping gas stove will not let you down. You are also sure to make new friends when you are at the next festival with a Gas stove equipped.

How do camping stoves work?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question, because the way the gas stove works depends on the model. We'll have to delve a little deeper into the matter. Are you ready?

How does a spirit camping stove work?

These models are also Storm stove called, because even in adverse conditions they reliable work. For this purpose methylated spirits is filled into the appropriate container and ignited.

However, the spirit camping stove is not one of the fastest. It takes a quarter of an hour to heat water and produces a lot of Soot.

How does a gas stove with cartridge?

The gas stoves with cartridge are mainly the so-called Quiet burners as accessories to the Outdoor cooking very popular. Here, the thread is simply screwed onto the gas cartridge and goes directly to the burner head.

These models are particularly efficient and on top of that particularly easy to transport.

How does a solid fuel stove work?

Solid fuel stoves have a very simple design and are very robust. Even though they can be operated with all combustible materials (branches, pine cones and co.), they are not necessarily the best camping stoves.

This is because solid fuel stoves require a lot of fuel with minimal efficiency.

Outdoor cooking

How does a gasoline stove work?

As the name suggests, these camping stoves are powered by gasoline. They are considered to be extremely powerful and fast. Within minutes, gasoline stoves bring water to a boil - even at sub-zero temperatures.

What camping stoves work in the winter

In winter, you should always use a gas stove with a cartridge or a gasoline stove. TheGas stove functionality of ourultralight model is a highlight all year round.

Even on cold winter days, a liter of water boils in just 2.5 minutes. So you can warm up in no time with a hot tea or coffee.

What are the most important criteria for buying a camping stove?

With the wide selection and different gas stove functionality, it is not easy to find the right model.

However, if you stick tofollowing criteriayou will find the right gas stove for your individual needs in no time:


The power indicates how fast thegas stove can generate heat and how long you need to cook with the gas stove. The power is given in watts.

A high wattage however, also means a high gas consumption. Here you should set the regulator on the gas stove always only the necessary power.

Fuel and cartridge

There are inexpensive plug-in or bayonet cartridges which are quite inexpensive at 1 to 2 €. There are also so-called screw-in cartridges. These have a thread or valve and are somewhat more expensive. The following gases serve as fuel

  • Butane,
  • Isobutane
  • and propane.

If you want to use the gas stove in colder areas, you should avoid butane.

While Butane is only available at approx. 1 °C and Isobutane at approx. 12 °C gaseous again becomes gaseous again, changes Propane already at approx. 42 °C degrees again from the liquid to the gaseous state.

Therefore, a high proportion of propane, which must be stored under greater pressure, in the gas mixture of your stove is advantageous for operation at low temperatures.

Expert Tip: On hikes & trekking tours at temperatures below 10 °C you should therefore always use agas cartridge with "Wintergas" or "All-Season" mixture.

Piezo ignition

The ignition creates a spark which ignites the gas. This means that you do not need an external ignition source, such as a lighter. Even in strong wind you can rely on the piezo ignition.


With a top-mounted stove, thecartridge and the stove are immediately connected to each other. In this case, the gas cartridge usually also serves as the stand of the device. In contrast, a gas stove with external gas supply, both parts are connected with a hose.

Number of flames

There are Gas stoves with one and up to four flames. To carry as little as possible on a hike, one flame is perfectly adequate. For a family vacation with tent and car you can consider whether you need several flames.


For a long hike, the weight of a gas stove should be kept within limits. For this there are models like ourultralight gas stove with titanium cooking pot alreadyfrom about 50 to 70 grams.

Intended use

The other decisions are based on this criterion. It is necessary that you are clear at the beginning what exactly you want to use the gas stove for.


Gas stoves have the reputation of being very safe. Important here is the presence of an ignition fuse and, above all, both the correct and safe handling.

Are gas stoves allowed everywhere?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. Depending on what state you are in, the laws are very different.

Im Forest gas stoves are often prohibited. Often there are also special barbecue areas that may be used for the camping kitchen. You should therefore always inform yourself BEFORE your outdoor activities.

How much does a camping gas stove cost?

You canGas stove (without gas cartridge) already from 15 € get. There is a lot of room for improvement. This is the lowest price and often also quality segment. It depends very much on the stability, size, weight and accessories.

Gas stove cost


A gas stove is an important piece of equipment when camping and on longer hikes. Therefore, you should be at your do not save on your equipment. Finally, the strengthening with a hot drink and a warm meal is of enormous importance.

Both gives you the necessary power and strength for your outdoor adventure. If you value quality and durability, you should opt for a Camping Gas Stove Set decide.

The fast cooking system is ultra-light, small and compact. Due to the high quality construction you have long enjoyment of your Outdoor kitchen. The gas stove is designed to be very easy to use, so that you can prepare a snack in no time without much fuss.

Thanks to the integrated heat exchanger and thewindbreak the camping stove is suitable for any weather. 


Can you use a camping stove in the apartment?

A camping stove is designed for outdoor use and should not be used indoors if possible to avoid fires and suffocation. Care should be taken with gas stoves in particular. The odorless gas can displace the oxygen in the interior without you noticing. So better keep your fingers away from the camping stove in the apartment and in the tent!

Can I repair a camping stove that no longer works myself?

We strongly advise you not to do this to avoid serious burns and injuries. The repair of a defective camping stove belongs in the hands of the specialized trade. They are familiar with the functioning of the gas stove and can help you quickly and easily.

How long does a gas cartridge last in a camping stove?

Unfortunately, this question can not be answered in general, because it depends on the consumption. If you rarely use your camping stove on a tour, the gas cartridge will last longer. Basically, the rule of thumb is: 230 grams of gas have an approximate burning time of about 70 minutes.