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Cleaning hiking boots isn't necessarily your favorite activity? Understandable! But with the following tips and tricks, you can care for leather hiking boots quickly and effortlessly.

You can also find out in our blog article why regular care is worth it.

Why is it so important to care for hiking boots regularly?

After a extensive hike they land Shoes most of time carelessly in the Corner. After all, they have (in the best case scenario) served their purpose and carried you safely to your destination.

Even if you Not a fan of washing hiking boots you should make time for it regularly. Because through that proper care can you the lifespan your shoes significantly extend and wear them for years.

Through this

  • you save money,
  • protect the environment
  • and improve your own well-being.

Who once? Found the right hiking boots has, wants this so quickly don't miss it anymore. However, without care, the leather becomes hard and brittle over time.

The result: Water can enter and the shoe “worn out” after a while. This means you not only have... wet feet, but also pave the way for Blistering.

Like you too Blisters on feet while hiking You can find out how to prevent and treat it in this blog post.

Avoid blisters on your feet

How do I best care for my hiking boots?

The Leather hiking boots care is Not hard. Just like brushing your teeth, after a short time it becomes a routine for you that you can do in no time with little effort. That's how it works:

1. Remove shoelaces & take out insole

About yours walking boots good wash To be able to, you should first do this shoelaces remove. Then take out the insole.

This makes the next steps much easier for you, as you can easily reach even the hard-to-reach places.

2. Brush off surface dirt

With a good one Shoe brush Now you move that first coarse contamination to the body. This is particularly good for soil and mud solve.

If there is mud on the shoe or stones in the tread, brushing it under running water has proven to be effective.

3. Clean hiking boots with lukewarm water

After all major contamination has been removed, it's time to fine-tune. With a soft cloth or sponge you can do yours Shoes thoroughly with lukewarm Purify water.

Special cleaning supplies or soap is included not necessary. This way you can do that too Wash the inside of your hiking boots. Just use one for this too spongeto avoid damaging the inner lining.

Are the Insoles very dirty or give off an unpleasant smell, you can also use one damp sponge just dry it off.

Expert tip: With Merino hiking socks smelly feet and shoes are a thing of the past. The sustainable natural product is breathable, quick-drying, temperature-regulating and odor-inhibiting.

4. Let shoes dry

Now you have already done a large part of the work. During this step you can even sit back and relax. Because for walking boots Cleaning is also important dry. And that can up to two days take time.

Not at all you should follow outdated tips here and yours

  • Shoes in front of the fireplace,
  • on the heater
  • or let it dry in the sun.

That would be fatal! Through the heat that will be Leather porous and changes its shape. The shoes become hard and no longer adapt to your foot.

So it's better to stay away from such questionable methods. Leave yours Shoes Instead, it's better to go to a dry and well ventilated place without direct sunlight dry.

If you something Kitchen roll crumpled up and the Shoes stuff well with it, shortened You the Drying time.

5. Use leather conditioner

After your shoes are clean and completely dry, you should Take extra care of leather hiking boots. Through this remain She waterproof and hold longer.

There are two components that you should consider.

  1. Shoe wax for hiking boots is used to keep the leather soft and supple. It is applied generously with a sponge or soft cloth and massaged in.

  2. The second component of leather hiking boot care is this Impregnate.

    Through uses moisture namely the Protective impregnation Yours Shoes off.

    This can happen in the foreseeable future Moisture penetrates. And nobody wants wet feet. To that to prevent, you should get yours Waterproof hiking boots.

    There are special waterproofing spray, which you simply spray on and spread with a soft cloth. However, you should only carry out this process outdoors and, if possible, avoid inhaling the spray.

    If you do that Waxing and waterproofing too complicated appears, there is also another way to care for your leather hiking boots.

    There are now products on the market that allow you to do both Complete work steps in one go can.

    Care for and waterproof hiking boots

    Store hiking boots properly

    As you know, the leather is yours walking boots right demanding. By the way, this not only applies to care, but also to storage.

    With the following tips, your hiking boots will remain your loyal companion for a long time:

    1. Store your shoes in a dry place.
    2. Avoid large temperature fluctuations. (Your shoes are not safe in the car)
    3. Make sure there is good ventilation.
    4. Do not store in the sun, on the radiator or in front of the fireplace!
    5. Store your shoes in an air-permeable shoe bag.

    Can you wash hiking boots in the washing machine?

    No! You should never wash hiking boots in the washing machine. They break in the process.

    How often should I care for my hiking boots?

    Even if you might not like to hear it: walking boots should be possible often cared for become. Dirty should you after every tour with a brush removeto avoid damaging the leather.

    How frequently You yours Grow hiking boots have to, depends from use. If your shoes are exposed to high temperature fluctuations and get wet, they need waxing more often.

    This also applies to strong sunlight. In these cases, you should do so after each use Shoe wax for hiking boots use. In moderate temperatures without moisture, application after every third hiking tour is sufficient.

    Care for hiking boots after hiking

    If you run through a wet meadow or hike in the rain, you should waterproof your hiking boots afterwards. This means that the valuable moisture protection is retained.


    Caring for and cleaning hiking boots may seem quite time-consuming at first glance. The list of do's and don'ts is seemingly endless. But strictly speaking, there is no art to washing hiking boots.

    Special care products also make subsequent care easier for you. They do the waxing and waterproofing. If you take good care of them, your hiking boots will last much longer.

    In view of constantly rising costs, this is a good reason to integrate the unpleasant task of cleaning hiking boots into everyday life. You can also score points in terms of sustainability. Because you are helping to conserve important resources.

    This means that when you care for your hiking boots you are actually making an important contribution to protecting the environment.


    Why is it so important to care for hiking boots regularly?

    After a hike, shoes are often neglected, although regular care is of great importance. By taking proper care of them, you can significantly extend the life of your hiking boots and wear them for years to come.

    This care not only saves money and protects the environment, but also improves your well-being. Without regular care, the leather becomes hard and brittle, allowing water to penetrate and causing blisters to form.

    How do I dry my hiking boots?

    After cleaning, careful drying is important. Avoid heat sources such as heating or sun as they can damage the leather. Allow the shoes to dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Stuff them with paper towels to speed up drying.

    Find out what else we have to offer and read on!