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Merinowolle waschen & pflegen - Merino Bekleidung
Geschäftsführer Alpin Loacker
Felix Loacker liebt die Berge und hat mehrere Jahre Erfahrung im Bergsport. Seit er denken kann, faszinieren ihn Gipfel und die unberührte Natur. In den Bergen fühlt er sich frei und lebendig. Sie sind sein Zuhause und ein Ort, an dem er seine Komfortzone verlässt, wandert, Skitouren macht, klettert & mit dem Mountainbike fährt

Merino wool offers you enormous advantages compared to synthetic materials. It is temperature regulating, antibacterial, quick -drying, light and soft - without scratching. Due to all their properties, merino socks and Co. remain "fresh" even over a longer period of time.

But of course you also have to Wash merino underwear. In the following guide you will find out how this works and what is to be considered when it comes to washing the merino.

Wash merino wool: This is how it works

Many people get snapping breathing alone when washing their wool products. No wonder! After all, wool runs in quickly. But from now on you can be completely calmed down.

merino Wash is completely different. If you are following Tips orientate, you enjoy yours for a long time Merino clothing

Can you wash merino wool in the washing machine?

Yes! You can wash them in the washing machine without hesitation. However, make sure that yours Merino wool not washed too hot becomes.

  • 60 degrees and more are poison for the natural product!
  • Merino wool does not like the spinning either. Therefore, conventional washing programs are not suitable.

At 30 ° C in the fine or wool wash On the other hand, you can hunt Merino without hesitation wash. Incidentally, the best detergent for merino wool is a pH-neutral wool detergent without a protease. Why? You will find out right away!

Which detergent for merino wool?

The wool can withstand ordinary fully detergent, but in the long run it can lead to it becoming "harder". Protease is often included here. This enzyme ensures that protein -containing spots are removed.

However, Protease can also destroy the protein -containing wool fibers. Therefore, you should rather do without it and use pH-neutral detergent for merino wool.

No way should you Use bleach or fabric softener! This also attacks the natural fiber. Shampoo is often sufficient as a simple hand detergent.

You have to pay attention to this when cleaning in the washing machine

As with "normal" laundry, it is advisable to wash dark and light products separately to prevent discoloration.

Before washing you should all Pages on the left Turn and close any zippers.

You will achieve the best result in the Merino washing when you wash it separately, i.e. without other materials.

How do you wash merino wool with your hand?

A washing machine is not always available on a longer hike or on vacation. But with Merino wool Is this not a problem. Also the tried and tested Hand washing It is suitable for washing merino socks:

Step 1:

Fill a bowl, bathtub or a sink with a hand -warm water.

Wash merino wool: step 1

Step 2:

Add some wool detergents or pH-neutral shampoo.

Wash merino wool: step 2

Step 3:

Now carefully wash your merion clothes. However, you should avoid wrings and strong rubs.

If there are spots, you can also soak socks and Co.

Wash merino wool: step 3

Step 4:

Then rinse the merino wool under clear water. You can carefully press out water residues.

Wash merino wool: step 4

By the way: In this way you can also do other merino clothing, such as B. wash your merino underwear.

My merino wool went out when washing: what can I do?

If merino wool is washed too hot, the fibers shorten and the wool runs. Squilling too much can also lead to running in. But don't panic! With the following trick you relax both: wool and nerves.

  1. Fill a bowl or sink with lukewarm water. Disconnect some baby shampoo or hair rinsing in it.

  2. Now set your run -in merino wool for at least 30 minutes.

  3. Spread it lying on a towel.

  4. Now you can stretch carefully (!) On all sides. However, tug and tear on the wool so as not to damage them.

  5. Cover your clothing with another towel and carefully press the moisture out.

  6. Then you can keep the wool in shape again and again while drying.

If your merino clothing still doesn't have the desired size, you can Repeat process!

However, if your stretching was successful, wash your clothes Again at 30 degrees in the wool program, to remove all shampoo remains. Use detergent for merino wool or normal wool detergent.

Merino wool really dry

Merino wool doesn't like hot temperatures. This applies equally when washing and drying. That's why you should do them too Never (!) In the tumble dryer give.

After washing, you should just shake out merino products and then hang up or dry it lying down.

Merino wool dry

Prevent lint

When producing wool, shorter wool threads creep in again and again. Over time, these short threads can get to the surface and matt to small knots.

Expert tip: The lint can be prevented if you occasionally put merino products together with rougher products in the washing machine (e.g. denim clothing).

This is how the knots are rubbed off before they even matt. But here, too, you should definitely use the fine or wool wash cycle so that the wool does not accidentally run in.

Keep merino wool after washing

Clothes should only be kept in clean condition - so smells, stains and dirt accumulation are prevented. We recommend that you do not hang Merino after washing and drying, but keep it folded.

In addition, aMoth protection Proved in the wardrobe to protect the merino wool. 

Ironed products from merino wool

Merino jumps back into its original shape after washing and makes ironing superfluous. Small folds can be easily hung up.

If thatMerino wool product but ironed must become, put it Iron on a low temperature Or a special wool program and definitely apply a printed piece of clothing on the left.


As you can see, merino wool is a very easy -care natural productWhich offers enormous advantages, especially on longer hiking tours or trekking adventures. thanks to the antibacterial properties, it is not necessary to wash merino clothing.

Even underwear and socks, you can carry for several days without hesitation. And if you want to wash your merino socks & Co., they are ready for use again in no time. Merino wool is drying particularly quickly.

We atALPIN LOACKER Love our merino products and even wear them in everyday life. When do you discover your love for the easy -care natural product?


Can you wash merino wool with shampoo?

Yes, if there is no suitable detergent for merino wool, you can also use pH neutral shampoo.

Do you have to wash merino wool before wearing?

Since our merino clothing is produced without pollution, you do not have to wash them before wearing it for the first time.

Can you wash merino wool with vinegar?

Even if it sounds unusual: on the last rinsing, you can actually add a sip of vinegar to remove any limestone residues and keep the fibers soft.

Why does merino wool stink after washing?

Merino wool only stinks after washing if it has not been dried properly. You will certainly know this phenomenon of other laundry. If the humidity is too high, the fibers cannot dry properly. 

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